Cactus Collection


All Terrain

Machine Washable


Odor Free

Temperature Regulated

Sustainable Bamboo, Wool or Cactus... natural just feels better.



The internet has spoken...


Very comfortable from the start. Wore them all day at work without issues.


San Francisco, United States


These are like pajamas for my feet. They're that comfortable. It's like swaddling your feet in clouds and walking in everfluffy marshmallows. I especially like that they're washable and sustainably made.


Pennsylvania, United States


I have disabilities and always have difficulties finding comfortable shoes. Out of the box these shoes are the most comfortable I have purchased in a long time and there is no need your me to break them in.


Wellington, New Zealand


I bought these shoes a year ago and they're amazing. I've worn them through west texas dirt to walking around Reykjavik and London in March and my feet were never cold or hot. I've had eco friendly shoes in the past and they've never lasted this long. Mine still look brand new. Ive liked these so much I bought a pair of alto and cirro too.


Texas, United States


The fact you make SIZE 15's is great, as getting comfortable, interesting shoes is difficult!




I love them. I bought one pair and then bought a second. I'm ready for a third. They're comfortable and look great. I was just in NYC for a month and people there stopped me and asked me about them.


Washington, United States

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