We're on a journey to create the world's most sustainable sneakers, here's how:

Super fine NZ Merino wool upper, odour resistant, temperature regulated, ethically sourced.

Soft & strong Bamboo upper, odour resistant, cool temperature regulated, ethically sourced.

Ethical, sustainable Pineapple husk waste made in upper overlays for support & stability.

Recycled rubber inserts on YY sole that provides great traction & durability.

Sugarcane bio-material soles, super light, ultra-comfort replacing petrochemicals.

Ocean plastic waste used & re-purposed for shoe laces.

Algae cleared from waterways, super light, ultra-comfortable soles replacing petrochemicals.

Using FSC certified and recycled materials for all packaging, ethically sourced.


The Cirro style combines our classic look with unmatched functionality. This everyday lace-up shoe is sure to become your new favorite staple for all occasions.

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Calling all adventurers! Our high-top sneakers feature our sustainable pineapple leather accents for added durability and strength.

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Simplicity is key to our Nimbo style. This versatile shoe looks great with every outfit and it's so lightweight, you'll feel like you're walking on clouds!

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Look good and feel good in our classic Strato style. These lace-up shoes are sure to support you no matter where life takes you.

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Include a brief quote or a description of your relationship with the brand.