Why YY

Back in 2018 while Jeremy was on a beach in Maui with his daughter he saw blue flecks in the sand. On closer discovery, he realized the flecks were microplastic waste. He asked the question WHY is all this pollution happening, and WHY does it have to be this way? 

“I want the beach to be pristine as it was when I first visited Maui 20 years earlier so my children and children’s children can enjoy nature as I have.”

At that moment Jeremy started on a journey to create the sustainable footwear brand YY NATION, shoes that leave a good environmental footprint. He told his story to a good mate Darryl that had visited that same beach with Jeremy to windsurf 20 years earlier. Darryl joined the team and over the past 2 years, YY Nation has been designed and developed with a desire to change the shoe world and the way shoes are made.

“These are the least sustainable shoes we will ever make, we will only keep getting better – the journey has only begun!”


Why YY? Well, why not? We are a New Zealand-based business, surrounded by natural beauty. We know how lucky we are, and we want to pass on that treasure to future generations.

We ask ‘why’ and ‘why not?’ a lot. Through questioning we continue to discover new possibilities and evolve better solutions to the environmental challenges facing our planet. We are inspired by nature and powered by curiosity.

YY or ‘Waewae’ in Te Reo Maori – the first language of Aotearoa New Zealand – means foot or footprint. We are conscious of how we bring things into the world, but more careful of what we leave behind.

We just didn’t set out to create another pair of shoes, we set out to have a positive impact. This extends from how we source and grow our raw ingredients, how the workers and makers along our supply chain are treated, how we get our product to market, where they end up, and what plans we have at ‘end of life’. We don’t have all the answers, but we are devoted to asking questions and creating solutions that help to restore and preserve our planet for all to enjoy.


Merino Wool

Merino wool diagram

Our ultra-fine Merino Wool Upper is soft, breathable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable all day long.

Our shoes are crafted with certified Merino wool from New Zealand farms that is ethically sourced and traceable.

Woven Bamboo/Nylon Mesh

Woven bamboo/nylon mesh diagram

Our Woven Bamboo/Nylon Mesh upper resists moisture to create shoes that keep your feet cool and dry through any weather condition. The bamboo is sustainably sourced and the nylon thread made from recycled plastic bottles, to carry out our mission to reduce plastic in landfills.

The Details - Pineapple 'Leather' Accents

We're using a natural textile that's made from waste pineapple leaf fiber. Our pineapple 'leather' was developed as a sustainable alternative to mass produced animal leather, allowing you to do good while making the most of your Everyday Adventures.

 pineapple leather accents diagram

The Details - Water-based adhesive

Our water-based adhesive is sustainable and strong, allowing us to create shoes that will last a long time.

 Water-based adhesive image

The Details - Eco-friendly packaging

Not only are our shoes eco-friendly, but our packaging is too!

Our shoeboxes are made with FSC certified recycled material, and the ink used in our packaging is eco-friendly. Plus, all of our packaging is recyclable!

Picture of recyclable packaging

Product diagram, indicating individual product features.

Jeremy Bank - founding director, Darryl McConnell - Director, Kim Faiga - General Manager, Olaya Navarro - Shoe Designer.