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These are the perfect laces for your YY’s or for any other shoes you might have. They not only  help to keep your shoes on but also keep plastic out of landfills and the ocean. They have been designed to be incredibly durable and to last. You’ll be looking good and feeling better every time you lace them up

How to pick the right size lace:

To easily tell what you need you can look at our size chart (sometimes it’s easier to see a picture)

  • For Alto Hi-top boots:  get yourself a pair of “round” laces.   If you have a mens size 8.5 (womens size 10) or smaller, you will need a pair of 120cm laces. If you are a womens size 10.5 above, or a mens size 9 (Womens 10.5) or larger you’ll be wanting a 140cm laces. 
  • For Cirro lace up sneakers; you’ll need some round laces. If you have a mens size 8.5 (womens size 10) or smaller, you will need a pair of 105cm laces.   If you are a mens size 9 (Womens 10.5) or larger you’ll be wanting a 120cm laces. 
  • For Strato: get yourself a pair of flat laces.  If you have a mens size 7.5 (womens size 9) or smaller, you will need a pair of 120cm laces.  If you are between a mens size 8 (Womens 9.5) and a mens size 10.5 (Womens 12) you’ll need a size 138 cm laces.   If you are a mens size 11 (Womens 13) or larger you’ll be wanting a 158cm laces.
  • YY Nation super fine merino wool is ethically grown, certified, and traceable from New Zealand growers. The merino sheep live in the high country of New Zealand’s South Island on a free range farm and come down for a haircut once a year.
  • YY Nation Bamboo is certified by OEKO - TEK ® using sustainable and ethical growers. -YY soles are made from nature using natural bio-based materials like Algae or Sugarcane that don't emit harmful oil based chemicals into the environment like most other shoes.
  • Cactus Leather is a highly sustainable plant based material offering an alternative to traditional leather, without any toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. The result is partially biodegradable and has the technical specifications required by the fashion, leather goods, luxury packaging and furniture industries. 
  • Using pineapple husk waste as leather accents reduces harmful CO2 emission caused from burning off this waste material, turning waste into wonder
  • There’s less need for transportation as many of the raw materials are made into YY Nation’s unique shoe components within 65 miles (100km) of our manufacturing home base.
  • Small carbon footprint: the YY Nation supply chain has been designed and developed to minimize the YY Nation carbon footprint. YY Nation CO2e emissions are 42% to 61% lower than conventional sneaker emissions. -It gets better. YY Nation sneakers are Zero Carbon certified. Whatever YY Nation removes from the environment, we put it back in by planting indigenous forests to restore the natural wonder for future generations and animals to enjoy. It's the YY Nation way.
  • All Packaging is made from FSC certified, environmentally friendly cardboard
  • Laces are made from recycled post-consumer plastic Learn more about our materials here
  • Our Merino & Bamboo shoes fit true to size (🙌)
  • We recommend going 1/2 a size down in Cactus styles
  • For extra sizing information, check out our fit guide: Link to fit guide
  • Cactus styles can be cleaned with a mild soap solution, ensuring all is removed afterwards with a damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning solvents such as alcohol or bleach.
  • Merino and Bamboo styles are machine washable! Just remove the insoles and the laces and wash on a gentle setting in cold water. Air dry and voilà, they’re as good as new!
  • We offer free shipping on orders over $50 USD, We offer free returns on unworn pairs within 30 days of receiving your shoes. For more details on returns click HERE

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